The Sandhills Cattle Association maintains lists of available feed and pasture throughout the Sandhills and adjacent areas, as well as a list of people looking for feed or pasture and potential employees. Both the feed lists along with the employees list are available with producer membership in the Association or through a list subscription. A User ID and Password are necessary to access these lists online. Contact the Sandhills Association Office to obtain one.

Available to anyone are lists of current job openings with our members and classified ads. Also available is the Sandhills Feeder Cattle News, which contains ads of cattle for sale by Sandhills Cattle Association members, either privately or at auction.

Feed & Pasture Available-
Included on this list are people who have summer pasture or fall grazing for rent, hay for sale, those would take in cattle for the winter or year-round and those who would do custom calving or backgrounding.

Feed & Pasture Wanted-
This list has information for those wanting to cattle out, looking to buy hay or for backgrounding arrangements. Also included are those seeking ranches to lease.

Looking For Work-
is a list of individuals who have contacted the office looking for work.

Jobs Available-
A list of SCA members or list subscribers who have a job opening.

A producer membersip or list subscription is needed to place an ad on any list except for the Employee List. The Sandhills Cattle Association provides the information on the lists as part of a service and does endorse any of the individuals listed. The Association recommends checking references before entering into any agreement or contract.