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2022-23 EP&C Contest Complete!

On September 7th, we had our annual EP&C Contest banquet at Bolo Beer in Valentine. At the start of the event, we ran through some quick statistics about this years event and quickly moved on to the awards. We handed out several certificates as well as champion buckles for each division winner. During the banquet, we all feasted on a wonderful meal cooked by Jason Hoebelheinrich with Hoebe's Smokin' Meats. Placings for the 2022-2023 EP&C Contest are below.

After the awards, Drew Feller, the representative from Feller & Co., talked about the process the contest animals went through and what all went into the contest on the feedlots side. He gave us information of the feed as well as the processing the cattle received and stated that he thought that cattle did very well given the excruciating winter we had last year. Drew had a lot of helpful information to give our contestants and stated how excited Feller & Co. is to hold the contest again this year!

We want to thank everyone again for entering our EP&C Contest this past year. We know that it has been a process learning to execute this contest correctly. Being newer employees without any EP&C Contest training & having to learn on the go, we truly appreciate you all being so courteous & patient with us & the association.

We look forward to putting on this years contest and hope to see you all on pickup day on November 8th at Valentine Livestock Auction!

2023 Summary & Results
Download PDF • 299KB

Expense Sheet
Download PDF • 125KB

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