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Chewing the Cud - January 26, 2023

As I reflect on the last week, I realize just how much snow we have, and just a few short months ago, how hard we were praying for moisture. At my house, we have roughly 6 feet of snow and enjoy it as much as possible. On top of that, I have been snowed in my house more this month than I have my whole life. This does not bug me the slightest bit, but I am sure someone out there wishes it would stop snowing!

This past weekend was our first-ever Coyote Calling Contest, and although we did get yet another round of snow, the contest went on without a hitch. I suppose we did lose some entries due to how much snow was on the ground, but 23 brave teams braved the snow and cold to participate. The rules meeting was held at the Sandhills Corral in Thedford. It was supposed to be at the Thomas County Fair Grounds, but the manager called me that morning and said there was a drift covering the door, and the likelihood of getting in the building was little to none. So we opted for the Corrals party room. As the contestants rolled in, they got the chance to check out some great raffle prizes from T & A Guns, Gun Cabinet, Evans Feed, Dry Creek Western Wear, Pizza Palace, Peppermill Steak House, DLK Popcorn, No Limit Power Sports, Agland ATV, Suttons Power Sports, and the Cast Iron Bar And Grill. Thank you to each of those businesses that donated those items. After all the entries were taken, the rules were read, and the teams were free to go. The competition went on until Sunday at 1 PM. A total of 75 coyotes were caught, and $1,000 was given out to our top 4 teams. 1st Place went to Daniel Priest and Travis & Trypp Schmitz with 11 coyotes. 2nd Place was awarded to Eric Frey and Ryan Clouse, with 9 coyotes & checking in at 1 pm. 3rd place was given to Lane Edis and Jade Lovitt. Finally, 4th place went to Cash Gurney and Cooper Stout. Each team was awarded cash prizes, door prizes, and beef brats! We also had a side pot award for the Largest Coyote, which went to Daniel Priest & Travis Schmitz, with a coyote weighing 38.9 pounds!

Considering the recent storm, I find this a win for everyone. We promoted predator control in a fun and competitive way, and we are very thankful for all those who participated. We are beginning to plan next year’s event with added cash prizes and a gun raffle. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

In a few short weeks, Maddie and I will be sitting alongside the bulls at the Annual Bull Bash here in Valentine. We look forward to seeing all our members and inviting new ones in at this event. We are proud to attend such a long-standing tradition and pray the weather holds out for those attending. If you see us that day, do not forget to wish Maddie a happy birthday too!

Bull sales, bull sales, bull sales. Maddie and I have been working on them so much the past few weeks we are beginning to dream about them! No complaint here, though. Growing up in a sale barn, I feel right at home at any bull sale. These past few weeks we had the Dethlefs & Sons, Van Newkirk, Hunt Angus, Bullis Creek, and Marcy Livestock’s sales. At the beginning of February, we have Poss Angus, Graff Cattle, and Mike Sitz Angus sales. The end of February is packed with sales from Ostrand Angus, Krebs Angus, Sandhills Source, Cattleman’s Cut, and Ravenscroft Red Angus sale. Can you see who we are dreaming of them now?

Scholarships keep flowing in as we near the end of this month. Keep in mind the due date for those is February 28th this year. On the other hand, here is some exciting news from one of our recipients last year. Joseph DeNaeyer placed in a PRCA event down in Park City, Kansas! Congratulations to him! You guys know me and my rodeo; gotta keep tabs on it!

Thank you all for stopping by and catching up on what’s happening with Maddie and I here in the office. We appreciate all of you and pray calving goes well this year!

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