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December 10, 2021 From the President's Desk

Holy cow! It's already December, and the Christmas season is upon us.

A rancher's Christmas season is celebrated as others celebrate for the same reason, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Because a rancher's life doesn't follow the calendar or clock and the animals always need to be fed and cared for, the Christmas traditions celebrated by a rancher don't always happen at the same time or in the same way every year.

One tradition that ranchers usually observe first is the Christmas gift list. A ranches gift list is unique as the list is mainly made up of items related to the rancher's job and way of life. Items among the list might include custom-made cowboys hats, warm gloves, ropes, boots, socks, and warm coats. Sometimes that list might consist of pickups, rangers, or a new horse. These items are more on the wishful Christmas list, but it never hurts to wish big. If your Christmas list seems short, you can always include on the list a membership to the Sandhills Cattle Association. That's a gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Then there are the traditional celebrations such as Christmas parties, Christmas programs, and Church services to attend. A rancher will always try his best to finish work and hope no emergencies arise so that they can attend all the Christmas festivities and hopefully get to them on time. Being on time is important, especially if one has been asked to play the starring role of Santa Claus at an event.

You can be sure that a rancher's Christmas feast always includes beef. Usually, a delicious prime rib is cooked to perfection and served with favorite side dishes, with plenty of extra servings for tasty leftovers to enjoy later.

I have seen a sign in the window of many business establishments that says- We will be closed Christmas day so that our employees and we have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday with family- said no rancher ever. Nope, we won't be closed on Christmas day as the animals need to be tended to. While feeding on Christmas day, I find the best hay available to provide and am sure to feed extra to the cattle as a Christmas treat.

Somehow a rancher always makes and finds the time to celebrate the traditions of the Christmas season, even if it is done the rancher's way.

I hope you all have a blessed time with family and friends, that Santa fills your Christmas list, and that you have a very Merry Christmas season celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Merry Christmas,

Ryan Adamson

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