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From the President's Desk - May 12, 2023

Sure am thankful for the showers we have been getting this past week, and I am glad other people in the area are getting some rain too. But I'm still worried about catching up from the drought this past year. The average precipitation in the Sandhills ranges from a yearly total of 23 inches in the east to slightly less than 17 inches in the west. Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network have reported that Cherry County only received about 15 inches of precipitation last year; crazy that we are still catching up even with all of the snow we had this Winter. The Sandhills is actually viewed as a semiarid region where sandy soils, low precipitation, and high evaporation rates support primarily dry grassland. Things are looking up for our area as long as we keep catching these showers every week or so.

But in better news, I would like to congratulate our Executive Director Kami & her husband AJ on the birth of their little girl Kari Freeman! Everyone is doing great & getting settled in well; we are so thankful for that. I also wanted to congratulate all High School & College graduates this month! Good luck to everyone with the next steps in life.

The SCA has several upcoming summer events, most importantly our 84th Annual Convention & Banquet. This year things are going to look a little different, but it still should be a great evening. We will have a steak supper, several auction items to support our youth programs, & some great educational speakers! Tickets are on sale now at, so go ahead and RSVP your spot today!

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