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May 21, 2020 - Radio Spot

LISTEN HERE>>>May 21, 2020 Radio Spot

This is Liz Kierl with the Sandhills Cattle Association and this is your weekly Sandhills Cattle News.

The Sandhills Cattle News publication hit the printer today – so be looking for it in the mail in the next couple days. I wanted to tell you about a new report I have put together and am pretty excited about it. I have taken the livestock auction reports from eleven different sale barns in the Sandhills Region and compiled their sales reports into a Regional Market Report for the Sandhills area. There are three separate reports included in the Feeder Cattle News taken from this information: Feeder & Yearling Cattle, Bred Cattle & Slaughter Cattle. Look for these reports in Feeder Cattle News located in the middle of your Sandhills Cattle News publication. Just remember, this is for informational purposes only, so you should not base all your marketing decisions based on this report.

Yesterday, President Matt Blackford and myself traveled to the Lincoln County Feedyard to take pictures of the calves we currently have in the Educational, Performance and Carcass Contest. We take these pictures so participants can get a feel for how their calves look in the feedlots. So many of us market our calves and have no idea how they actually perform once they leave our hands. The calves are filling out nicely and will be shipping very soon. You might look for some of the photos to show up on our social media accounts!

Speaking of social media – if you are tired of fighting various platforms to advertise your livestock – I’d like to suggest advertising them on our website! Members are able to sign up and list their own cattle without contacting the office at all! Post pictures, videos and more! The only censorship you’ll receive from me is if it’s lude content!

We have some jobs listed on the website, which include:

  • Circle A Ranch of Burwell is located in central Nebraska, who is seeking a full-time hired hand or a couple. Must be able to handle livestock horseback and operate feeding and haying equipment. Will be some farm work as well. Ranch provides competitive pay, housing, vehicle, and some utilities. References and resumes will be required prior to a ranch visit.

  • Rocking Arrow Ranch of Valentine, NE is looking for summer hay help.

  • If you’re looking to relocate to Southern Nebraska – Richard Bush of Riverton, NE is looking to hire full-time help for farm and ranch work. Must be experienced and have references.

  • Wright Livestock Inc has been marketing quality sets of cattle since 1986! They are looking to fill a commission-based field representative position. This job requires that you seek cattle to fit certain criteria - budgets, buyer needs, etc. and must be able to identify any undesirable conditions in the cattle.

  • Jon Pehrson of Laurel is looking for full-time help for cow/calf & feedlot operation. Experience with equipment, feedlot and calving helpful but not required.

Find these listings and much more at

Until next time, this is Liz Kierl with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your weekly Sandhills Cattle News.

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