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SCA Radio Spot on April 1, 2021

Radio spot reads as follows:

Hi everyone, this is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhills Cattle News!

Our next publication is due to hit the printers on April 9th, so send us your ads so we can publish them for you. Why should you advertise with us? Our Newsletter reaches close to 1,000 mailboxes, in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas to name a few, and we are continually growing every day! Not only do we advertise within our newsletter, but your ad is also posted to our website, which is explored daily by members and non-members. We also post cattle ads and help wanted ads to our Facebook page, which is currently sitting at over 3,800 followers. We are implementing new ideas and we are growing every day, so contact us about placing an ad for you!

On Thursday, April 8th, and Friday, April 9th there will be a scrap tire collection from 10 am to 6 pm, at the empty lot on N Green St, East of the high school. All sizes are accepted including, car, truck, pivot, semi and tractor tires. It is first-come, first-served, no rims will be accepted, there will be no assistance with unloading the tires, no tire retailers, no SD license plates, and a weight limit of 300-ton total. If you are bringing less than 50 tires, you will need to bring a count of each type of tire. If you are bringing more than 50 tires you will need to bring a scale ticket. If you have questions or if you have high volume, please call Kim at 402-376-5842. Donations to RC&D are appreciated and support future recycling projects!

In other news, last week, Liz and I headed out to Cottonfeeders Feedlot to assist with ultrasounding the EP&C contest cattle. Data was collected by Megan Gotschall, with ultrasound analysis conducted by CUP Labs LLC of Ames, Iowa. This was the 115th day on the feed for the calves in the contest. The average weight of heifers was 971, with the highest weight being 1,270 and the lowest being 782. The average weight of steers was 1,066 pounds with the highest weight being 1,286 and the lowest 828 pounds. This made for a pen average of 1,047 pounds. As for the rate of gain, heifers have an average of 3.27 pounds per day, with the highest being 4.47 and the lowest being 1.98 pounds per day. As for steers, the average rate of gain was 3.88 pounds, with the highest being 4.83 and the lowest being 2.33 pounds per day. Out of the whole pen, 3.6% are prime quality grade, 63% are grading at choice grade, and 33% are at select choice. Data is subject to change throughout the contest, these are just preliminary grades, based on the most recent ultrasound data. In the next two weeks, we will begin sorting for shipment dates based on data collected from the ultrasound.

We still have a few bull sales ahead!

Spring Lake Angus Ranch will be holding its annual sale tomorrow, April 2nd starting at 6:00 pm ct at the Spring Lake Angus Center in Lynch, Nebraska. They will be offering 100+ head of yearling bulls, 2-year-old bulls, yearling heifers, and cow/calf pairs.

Dusty Prairie Ranch, Doug & Gavin Harsh will be holding their 40th Annual Production Sale at their ranch near Bartley, NE on Saturday, April 3rd starting at 1:30 pm ct. They are offering 100 head consisting of 40 Amerifax yearling bulls, and 60 Commercial Amerifax heifers.

Wulf Cattle will be holding their Wulf Cattle Opportunity Sale of 2021 on April 8th starting at noon where they will be offering Limousin, Lim-Flex & Angus - 420 bulls and 30 open heifers. Bidding will take place online only at or

For more information on any of these bull sales, please visit our website,

That’s all for this week, this is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhills Cattle News.

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