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2022 Combined Survey

Every year, the Sandhills Cattle Association conducts surveys to help keep our members up-to-date with pasture prices, employee wages, and learn from what our members really want.

Historically, we issued the wage survey, pasture & rental rates survey, and membership surveys at three separate times; however this year, we've condensed them to one survey!

If you haven't done so already, please take 5 minutes to complete this survey to help others get a feel for regional pricing, and to help the board make proper decisions about the future of the Sandhills Cattle Association.

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Lon Keim
Lon Keim
Jan 26, 2022

Right now the ranch is leased to folks out of WY, Askin Land & Livestock, LLC They determine the number of employees and salary, negotiate the number & the cattle contracts, and $ amounts, and both invoice and collect the $. My son owns and operates Brush Creek Brewery, here in Atkinson, and while interested in the ranch, is not actively involved. My other son lives in TN, and works in the steel business as a metalurgical engineer at a steel plant.

The ranch currently does not have a native cow herd, but rather functions as a custom grazing operation. I remain active and interested some of the ranch decisions on making, but am not involved in day to da…

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