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Scholarship applications are CLOSED    for 2024!

The Sandhills Cattle Association is proud to support the future of agriculture and the beef industry!  That's why we are offering a total of $8,000 for grads! 

Applications are CLOSED!

Thank you to all who applied! We look forward to looking through all of the fantastic applications!

2023    Scholarships

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SCA Scholarship

Funds for the scholarships come from the Sandhills Cattle Association, a non-profit organization, donated from Auction proceeds and from generous donations received throughout the year from patrons. The Association is organized for the purpose of promoting the cattle and resources of the Sandhills through education, marketing, communications and unique member services.

Five (5) scholarships will be awarded. Two $2,000, one $1,500, and two $1,000 scholarships awarded. 

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Howard Wright Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Howard Wright, a lifelong Cherry County rancher and longtime member of the Sandhills Cattle Association. Funds for the scholarship come from the proceeds of two registered Longhorn steers which were sold at the 2005 SCA Convention and have continued to be replenished thanks to the Wright family. The Wright family is involved in the selection process for this scholarship.

One (1) scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $500.

Scholarship Application Process

Who can apply for the Scholarship?

The applicant must be the child or grandchild of a current member of the Sandhills Cattle Association. Applicants do not have to be studying in the agriculture field to apply for or receive the scholarship. Students must be undergraduates and carry a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester to be eligible. Both graduating high school seniors and students currently attending or planning to attend college or vo-tech school during the next school year can apply. Applicants must apply within six years of high school graduation. Students planning to attend a junior college, community college or vo-tech school may be given priority consideration for one of the available scholarships. You may be awarded the scholarships twice.

What do you need to apply? 

Same application form for all scholarships available!  Complete the application form. You must submit a copy of your most recent transcript and a sealed letter of recommendation with your application or email/mailed directly from your reference to the Sandhills Cattle Association office. Letters of recommendation should come from an adult who is NOT a relative.

Where can you use the scholarship? 

The scholarships can be used at any accredited university, 2-year or 4-year college, or technical school.

What are the terms of the payments? 

The scholarships will be paid directly to the school upon proof of registration. One-half will be paid for the first semester or quarter; the second half will be paid for the second semester or quarter upon proof of a 2.5-grade point average during the first semester. Scholarship winners must submit their first semester or first quarter grades to the SCA office for verification by January 3, 2023. If circumstances prevent the recipient from using the scholarship for the following college year, the committee will decide whether the situation deems that the scholarship shall be held for one year.          

What will the scholarship selection process be based upon? 

Scholarships are academic in nature; financial needs will not be considered.

  • Commitment to furthering education  

  • Long term goals 

  • Leadership  

  • Academic achievement

  • Extra-curricular activities 

  • Committee review of the application 

How are the scholarship recipients recognized? 

Finalists will be notified of their acceptance within one week of their interview. Interviews will be on April 2, 2022. The scholarship recipients and their parent(s) will be invited to the Sandhills Cattle Association Convention on May 27, 2022, in Atkinson, Nebraska, where the presentation will be made. Students are asked to do their best to attend the Annual Convention as it is crucial for the long-term success of the scholarship program. Scholarship recipients will receive three complimentary tickets to attend the convention.

Please place all the information on the application as directed!

The scholarship applications must be filled out in JotForms. Transcripts can be emailed or mailed. The letter of recommendation can be mailed (in a sealed envelope) to the Sandhills Cattle Association office or emailed directly from your reference. 

Are there any disqualifications? 

Applications will be disqualified and not considered for any of the following reasons:

  • Only children or grandchildren of a current SCA Member will be considered.

  • Handwritten applications will be disqualified.

  • Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

  • Plagiarism will be disqualified.

  • Late applications will not be considered.

  • Do not retype the questions.

  • Do not include covers, extra pages, or photos.

Mailing address for scholarship & contact info

Sandhills Cattle Association • 904 E Highway 20, Suite 1 • Valentine, NE 69201
Call: (402) 376-2310

Previous Scholarship Recipients

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