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Educational, Performance & Carcass Contest

No upcoming events at the moment


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Fill out this entry form to enter your calves in the contest. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the contest.

Bring your spring-born calves from
500 - 800 pounds!
Learn about your operation's ADG, Carcass, Data, and Profitability!

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New Program:
Steers for Students

The 'Steers for Students' program is a new educational piece geared for the youth of the Sandhills. This program will run hand-in-hand with the Educational, Performance & Carcass Contest. Calves will be donated by local producers. They will be housed with the other EP&C calves up to their final shipping date. The 'Steers for Students' program calves will be sent to Husker Meats LLC of Ainsworth, Nebraska instead of being shipped to the larger plants like the retained ownership calves. Jim Pinney of Husker Meats and a group of industry professionals will offer local FFA students and producers a chance to learn about carcass evaluation while experiencing how a packing plant operates. Schools that send the students will be provided the opportunity to receive the donated beef for their school lunch programs at little to no cost. 


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