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2022 EP&C Contest is Finally Finished!

What an absolute whirlwind the last month has been for me! From trying to get EP&C Data finished to helping Kami with our tour and getting married in Kansas, I can happily say that the EP&C Contest is finally finished! We had a really great year with a few hiccups, and I am so thankful for all of the contestants that were patient with me while I was learning and for all of those who helped assist me in any way!

This next year we will be holding our contest in a national know county. And, we are also hosting it in one of the statewide known feedlots: FELLER CATTLE FEEDING & CO. We are very excited about this opportunity to not only showcase amazing Sandhills Cattle but to hold this competition in such a well know area. This is a fantastic opportunity for our contestants to show the rest of Nebraska that Sandhills cattle are truly top-quality cattle. The cattle this year must be spring-born and 500 - 800 pounds. We will not be able to take any cattle that are under 500 or over 800 pounds so that we can ensure a competitive and accurate contest.

Feel free to call our office anytime with any questions about our contest, and if you would like to enter some cattle, use the form below!

Revised 2023 Entry Form, Rules & FAQs
Download PDF • 255KB

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