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Fall Feeder Calf Preview 2022

The last few weeks here at the Sandhills Cattle Association have been a whirlwind! Although the weather did not work out in our favor, the 3rd Annual Fall Feeder Calf Preview near Merriman went very well. There were moments where a rain coat would have been nice, but we were thankful for the break in the weather. The morning started off with donuts provided by Taylor Ruether and her company Axiota Animal Health. After everyone arrived and signed up, we headed to our first stop of the day, the Anderson Ranch. Here we toured Travis and Angela’s heifer and steer herd. We also learned more about his herd and how he prepares his steers that are contracted to Adams Land and Cattle out of Broken Bow. From there, we headed to the Wobig ranch. Here Shane and Austin expressed how they created their unique bloodline and what their plans are for the future of their herd. Right before lunch, we toured the Spearhead & Circle M Ranch. Carol, Brock, and Chelsie had their herd gathered on a beautiful meadow and explained how they were just trying to make Carol's late husband proud. Lunch was held at the Bowring Ranch just north of Merriman, and boy, was it a sight to see. I highly recommend touring the facility if you get a chance. There were so many historical pieces and information about the Sandhills someone could easily spend a full day reading and learning about the Sandhills and its past. During lunch, we listen to an informative piece about drought and feeding during a drought by Dana Ramm and her co-worker from Elanco. This presentation was very informative and helpful for the group. After lunch, we headed up to the JF Ranch. Touring the ranch, Richard and Jason informed us that if you spit just right, it will land in South Dakota. And last but certainly not least, we toured the Primal Plains ranch. While looking at the cattle, we learned all about Fairhead's Piedmontese operation and how they began processing and selling the meat privately to provide top-quality products for their consumers.

All in all, the tour was full of quality cattle and amazing people. The Sandhills Cattle Association would like to thank all the ranch owners that allowed us the opportunity to tour their ranches and see their cattle, as well as all the sponsors that made this day possible. A special thank you goes out to all the volunteers that helped put the tour on as well as the Bowring Ranch for serving us lunch and allowing us the opportunity to use the facilities. Thank you to all of you. We are looking forward to next year's Fall Feeder Calf Preview and hope to see you there!

As always, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily updates on what’s going on in the Sandhills Cattle Association. This is Kami Free

man with your weekly update of the Sandhills Cattle News. Have a great week yall!

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