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SCA Radio Spot on Feb. 11, 2021

Hey everyone this is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association and this is your update on the Sandhills Cattle News.

The next publication of the Sandhills Cattle Newsletter is February 19th, so you have an ad you’d like to run give us a call and we can get you added into our new and improved newsletter!

Scholarship opportunities are still open, so if your child or grandchild hasn’t applied, have them visit our website and fill out an application. We have $9,000 up for grabs this year. The deadline for application is March 12th.

The 39th Annual Educational, Performance & Carcass Contest has been underway since mid-November. This year, we had 84 calves enter Cottonwood Feeders near Stuart, Nebraska to compete in this bragging rights contest. We collect data on the calves as they grow in the feedyard and select winners based on carcass quality, rate of gain and overall profitability. Winners of each division are awarded a buckle and get the bragging rights for a year.

This year’s first mid-weights were gathered on February 3rd, which put us right at 65 days from the date the contest began. While the calves were being ran through the chute and were reimplanted, we grabbed their weights. Here’s how they are performing. The largest animal in the pen is a heifer that weighed 1138 pounds, with our lightest being a steer weighing 544 pounds, making the pen average 890 pounds. They are averaging 4.26 pounds per day of gain, which puts us over last year’s Average Daily Gain of 3.85 pounds.

Overall, the calves look great and are growing well. Thanks to Cottonwood Feeders for doing such a great job so far!

In other news Bull Sales are in full force and as a Seedstock Producer you’re probably wondering what exactly the Sandhills Cattle Association can do for you? We want to help represent your operation to receive the most amount of exposure and in return create more interest in your production. You can advertise your sale in our very popular Sandhills Cattle Newsletter, which is sent out to 950 members covering all of Nebraska, as well as parts of Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. The other advantage you receive as a member is, we also advertise for you on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we currently have 3500 followers! Visit our website and take advantage of becoming a member and receive all these benefits and more, or give us a call and we’d be happy to help you!

Lemke Cattle Company will be having their 15th Annual Bull and Female Sale tomorrow, February 12th at their ranch near Lawrence, Nebraska starting at 1:30 pm central time. They will be offering 90 Angus, Red Angus and Angus Hybrid Bulls as well as 50 Fancy Commercial Red Angus Heifers.

Rousey SimAngus, Tyrell and Deandra Rousey of North Platte, Nebraska will be having their annual bull sale on Saturday February 13th at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in North Platte, Nebraska starting at 1 pm central time. They will be offering 150 black and SimAngus bulls.

Haynes Cattle Company, Gale & Cynthia Haynes will be holding their 13th Annual Working Angus Bull Sale on Tuesday February 23rd starting 1 pm central time at the Ogallala Livestock Auction in Ogallala, Nebraska. They will be offering 130 Registered Red Angus Bulls.

Cammack Farm of De Witt, Nebraska will be holding their annual bull sale on February 24th at the headquarters south of De Witt, Nebraska starting at 12:30 pm central time. They will be offering 24 virgin 2 year old Angus Bulls including 3 SimAngus Bulls and 10 Bred SimAngus females.

Hunt Angus Ranch of Milburn, Nebraska will be holding their annual production sale at their ranch south of Brewster, Nebraska starting at 1:00 pm central time. They will be offering 50 yearling, fall born and two year old bulls.

As we are entering calving season, some ranches may find themselves shorthanded. We’ve had a number of guys post ads with us seeking full time and seasonal ranch employment. So if you’re in need of some help, check out the job seeker ads under our list services on our website for more information.

That’s all for this week, until next time. This is Amber Sides with the Sandhill Cattle Association with your weekly update of the Sandhills Cattle News.

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