The SCA 33rd Annual Educational, Performance and Carcass Contest took place at Burwell Feeders from November 26, 2014 to June 15, 2015. There were 28 SCA members who entered cattle that were split to total 71 steers and 41 heifers. Overall the contest went smoothly and the following results were announced at the EP&C Banquet that was held at the Peppermill in Valentine NE on July 28, 2015.


2015 EP&C Awards Announcement 


2015 EP&C Carcass Summary

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The Nebraska SandhillsThe Sandhills are 19,300 square miles of rolling, grass-covered hills that stretch across Nebraska and South Dakota and sit atop the Ogallala aquifer, one of the largest underground water sources in the United States. This location, along with an abundance of water and over 700 species of grasses, makes the Sandhills a prime grazing area for cattle. 

The area is often called "God's Own Cow Country." Cattle ranching is the lifeblood of this region and the Sandhills ranchers take their jobs seriously. They strive to produce better cattle that will be profitable for both the producer and feeder, yet cost justifiable to the packer and provide safe, nutritious and great tasting beef for the consumer.

The Sandhills Cattle Association was organized in the late 1930's with the purpose of bringing together cattle feeders from what was then referred to as the "Corn Belt" and ranchers raising cattle in the Sandhills. The Association was to assist with the purchase and sale of Sandhills cattle and to promote a spirit of cooperation friendship and mutual understanding between producers and feeders.

Today the Sandhills Cattle Association continues to promote the cattle and resources of the Sandhills through education, marketing, communications and unique member services. The Association hosts an annual membership meeting and convention on the Thursday before Memorial Day in May, a ranch tour in late January open to any interested individuals at no cost and conducts a feedlot carcass contest open to members each year. In addition the office provides industry information relevant to its membership through numerous publications, lists and surveys.