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2019-20 EP&C Contest Results

Thank you

The Sandhills Cattle Association would like to thank all the contestants who entered cattle into the contest this year! We would also like to thank Lincoln County Feeders for hosting the contest again this year. We’d also like to extend a thank you to the Sandhills Corral for hosting our Annual Banquet on Monday, September 21st. The prime rib was excellent! Thank you to Cody Livestock Supply for the tags for the 2019-20 contest year, and Dan Naber for hauling our calves around the Sandhills! I’d also like to extend a thank you to Craig O’Kief, Matt Blackford, Katelyn Blackford, and Addison and Thad Kierl for traveling to the Feedyard to check on the calves at various stages of the contest! Also thank you to Katie Keller for coming in to help explain the contest formulas to the “new girl!” You can see it takes a village to put this contest on, so please be sure to extend a warm thank you to these folks next time you see them!

2020-21 contest

The 2020-21 Contest will be held at Cottonwood Feeders near Stuart, Nebraska. Nathan Dvorak will be heading up the contest on the feedyard side. The route for pickup is still being decided, however we will have transport available for the calves thanks to Dan Naber with Naber Trucking.

Calves will be delivered to the feedyard on November 11, 2020, then the two-week warm-up period begins. This enables the calves to get acclimated and ready to start growing, and put everyone on an even playing field! That puts our actual contest start date at November 25, 2020.

Sandhills Veterinary Services (Kristina Blackford, DVM) of Brownlee, Nebraska generously donated the EID tags for the calves this year and Mitchell’s Anchor Serum Company of Grand Island, Nebraska kindly donated the Visual ID Tags! Without the support of sponsors, this contest would be much more expensive, so please take a minute and thank them next time you do business with them for their donation!

Please find enclosed a contest registration form. You can save some postage by signing up online at

We’re looking forward to another exciting contest!

Download full 2019-2020 summary here:

2020 EP&C Pen Summary
Download PDF • 2.28MB




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