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42nd EP&C Contest Has Begun!

I think out of all the days in December; we might have picked the second nicest day in the entire month for EP&C check-in! By noon, we were all in sweatshirts and had shed all our hats and gloves. This is a significant improvement from the year before, which was ice, cold, and nasty weather to be out on the road.

Thanks to Darian Fuelburth, the steers and heifers arrived at the feedlot in good time and are settling in well. Fellers are on top of it, as well. They did beginning weights the day after arrival, as well as put in implants and EIDs.

The averages are looking great so far. The pen average is 571.52 LBS, the heifer average is 562.12 LBS, and the steer average is 576.53 LBS. The largest steer is coming in at 784, and the largest heifer is 674. All across the board, it seems like we have a nice set of universal animals!

I am looking forward to mid-weights, which will be here before you know it! A special thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers who helped with check-in. We appreciate all of you! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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