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5/6/2021 SCA Radio Spot

Hey everyone, this Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhills Cattle News!

The Sandhills Cattle Association is proud to announce the 2021 scholarship winners!

Congratulations Fletcher Larsen of Valentine High School was awarded the $2000 scholarship! Fletcher plans to attend Kansas State University this fall to study Animal Science with a Pre-Veterinary Option. When asked how his chosen area of study will benefit the ag community, Fletcher replied, "As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, I would provide many needed services to the agriculture community. Not only could I benefit producers by offering the basic veterinary tasks such as pregnancy checking, semen checking, calving assistance, artificial insemination, and basic animal nutrition, but I will also bring some uniqueness with advanced bovine reproduction techniques. Throughout my education, I plan to place emphasis on becoming adept with bovine embryo transfer strategies. Utilizing superior genetics in herds will allow producers to grow their herd into a relevant, efficient, and high-performing product." Congrats to Fletcher we know he will do great things for the beef industry!

Congrats to Michaela Keller of Valentine High School. She will be attending Eastern Wyoming College to major in Agricultural Business. When asked how her chosen field of study would benefit the agricultural community, Michaela wrote, "Knowledge I gain from a degree in Agricultural Business will be beneficial to me in whatever agriculture career I choose. I will gain insight that will help me promote our industry wherever I am in whatever job I’m working. An Artificial Insemination Certificate will allow me to help other producers breed their cows and heifers to keep reproduction rates high. Reproduction and nutrition classes, as well as hands-on experiences, will help me acquire other helpful information that I will use to improve my own herd and share with others to improve the quality of beef and the good name of our industry." We look forward to the great things Michaela will do for ag!

Congratulations to Matthew Dailey for receiving a $1500 scholarship from the Sandhills Cattle Association! He is currently a senior at Sandhills High School and plans to attend Western Dakota Technical Institute this fall to study Construction Technology.

When asked how his chosen field of study would benefit the ag community, he responded, "One of the main struggles of rural ag communities is bringing people into our communities. The people who live here rarely leave, but it is often hard to bring people in due to a lack of jobs or housing. By returning to a rural community I would provide a local business that would need employees and also understands the importance of ag in the community and the need for houses to grow the community."

We look forward to seeing your future construction business flourish!

Stay tuned for next for the remaining scholarship winners!

Also happening this month; along with the class of 2021 will be graduating, Mother's Day, and on top of that, it is National Beef Month! We want to kick off the month by offering our members a way to recognize a 2021 graduate or a special someone for Mother's Day. Members can submit a photo of their 2021 graduates and a small tribute about their plans after graduation! Members can also do the same for that special momma! The link to submit your shoutout can be found on our website, under publications and surveys, and all blogs! Please submit by May 12th!

We are calling all ranch moms!!! This can be husbands or children of those wonderful ranch moms, your ranch grandma, or even great-grandmas! We are running a contest in honor of National Beef Month as well as Mother's Day! The contest will require you to submit a photo and a small commendation of the photo! The photo can be current, or it can be historical as long as it relates to the beef industry! Examples, your mom riding her horse helping gather cattle, grandma branding a calf, or simply reading a story to her grandkid while attending a cattle event. There are various pictures you can submit, and we are looking forward to seeing all the unique photos you submit!

That's not all!! We will pick three winners on National Beef Day - May 28th! We have teamed up with local lockers who have so kindly and generously helped sponsor this event!

1st Place Winner - Will receive a special beef box prepared and shipped by Husker Meats of Ainsworth, Nebraska. Owner, Jim Pinney sponsored the 1st place prize box, valued at $150 worth of beef, and will include steaks, roasts, ground beef, and more!

The second-place winner will also receive a beef box prepared and shipped to their door by 402 Meats Company of Bristow, Nebraska. After speaking with the wonderful owners, Kristi and Cody, they have sponsored $100 towards the second place box to also value the second place beef box at $150! The box will contain ribeyes, t-bones, tenderloins, a roast, and more!

The third-place winner will also receive a beef box sponsored by Valentine Locker in Valentine, Nebraska, and will be shipped by the Sandhills Cattle Association to your door. The Sandhills Cattle Association put $75 towards the 3rd place prize, and the Valentine Locker matched the $75 to have the 3rd place beef box also valued at $150.

We have posted the contest with the link to submit on our website as well as Facebook! So find that link and submit!! We are so excited about this contest and hope to have lots of participation; after all, we have some great prizes!

Until next time, this Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhills Cattle News!

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