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April 22nd, 2022 - From the President's Desk

The branding season of 2022 in the Sandhills is upon us, and I thought at this time it would be fun to share an article from the Omaha World Herald of a branding from 1968. This article shows pictures a traditional and typical branding that took place on the Holy Cross Cattle Co ranch, better known today as Adamson Cattle Co.

As the years have elapsed, the branding of calves has remained steadfast, and the ritual every year faithfully performed. The purpose of branding hasn't changed, although some of the traditional ways have, which makes every branding unique in its own way!

I hope this article, with its rich traditions, might trigger thoughts and reflections of past brandings with a comparison of today's brandings.

It'sIt's incredible that the cattle ranching business still retains old ideas and traditions but is still so open to new ideas and traditions that when the old and new are combined, it brings about positive traditions and outcomes.

Never stop learning new ways and remembering and using the old together with the new, and its result can lead to lasting branding traditions that are unique to the Sandhills cattle brandings.

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