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Sandhills Cattle Association holds first-ever Branding School!


Branding School Event in Valentine, NE April 27th, 2022

The Sandhills Cattle Association, Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance, and Nebraska Extension – Beef Systems have teamed up for the first-ever “Branding School”. This event brings content that will be beneficial for producers before their next branding.

“Many producers look forward to branding each year,” says Elysabeth Kierl, Sandhills Cattle Association Executive Director. “We all finally get done with calving and get together with the neighbors to get the job done. Classes like this are highly beneficial for everyone involved to brush up on your techniques and obtain your BQA certification. I’d encourage producers to send the whole crew to town to get their certification in person and learn more from highly acclaimed, low-stress cattle handling expert, Dr. Ron Gill, as well as the many other industry professionals we have on the lineup.”

The 2022 Branding School features veterinarian speakers who will discuss animal health risks and herd health processing best management practices during brandings. Nationally known stockmanship speaker Dr. Ron Gill, Texas A&M, will be demonstrating low-stress cattle handling basics, sorting, and branding pen setup, discussing branding and chute etiquette, and much more!

“Branding is a fast-paced environment where generally, we have multiple people doing multiple things. There isn’t a lot of time for supervision of new hands”, says Jesse Fulton, a Nebraska Beef Educator and Director of Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance. “We put this event together to help educate new hands who may be participating in their first branding and refresh those who may participate every year on branding best management practices.”

Participants who attend the event will also receive their BQA certificate. “We hope everyone takes some time to join us for this exceptional educational opportunity”, says Fulton. “There is always something to be learned at events like this, and we work hard to ensure that producers who have been operating for years learn something new.”

The event will take place on April 27th, 2022, at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. Registration opens at 9:30 am with the event kicking off at 10:00 am. MultiMin will be sponsoring lunch for attendees. To ensure enough food and materials, those who wish to participate will need to RSVP online at or by calling 402-376-2310.


● Elysabeth Kierl, Sandhills Cattle Association Executive Director,

● Jesse Fulton, Nebraska BQA Director,


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