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February 11, 2022 From the President's Desk

The work of a rancher never seems to stop! Every day of the year, seven days a week, something always needs to be done. Add in the daily changing weather with its extremes, and cattle still need fed and cared for.

Ranchers are determined, and primarily they are resilient. They do whatever they have to ensure that their cattle and everything else is well taken care of. Ranch work is centered around the weather, and extreme weather conditions can affect the workload of a rancher. Since the weather is the one condition that man cannot control, it can cause a lot more work for the rancher.

When the weather is mild, especially during the fall and early winter months, it saves on the rancher's workload and helps reduce expenses.

One thing is for sure; weather patterns never are the same from year to year. This year is no exception as so far this winter as it seems that the winter weather is a bit confused and may have a mind of its own. This year, the winter weather can't figure out what it's supposed to do and is starving us of moisture that we really need. The daily change of the weather continues with several days of mild temps, and then suddenly, just like that, below freezing temps chime in as a reminder that it's still winter.

I love the more mild winter days this year, as warmer temps and fewer winter storms make much less work and expenses for me. I have concerns about the lack of moisture this winter as being dry causes more problems and, if continued, will cause more issues and work for us going into the spring and summer.

As they say, every day brings us closer to spring. There is still a lot of the winter season left, and extreme weather could present itself at any time, just hopefully not during calving season. But since the rancher's work never ends, no matter what the weatherman says, I will continue to hope for no terrible snowstorms and mild moisture for us to come.

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