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February 5, 2021 - From the President's Desk

This is the time of year that makes going to the mailbox and finding the box full of new bull sale catalogs so much fun.

Any of you remember from years ago waiting for the Sears Christmas catalog to come in the mail? How excited you were when it arrived. Grabbing it and going off to search the pages from the toy section to circle all your favorite toys with hopes of getting your top picks from your wish list. For me, getting the bull sale catalogs in the mail is the equivalent of getting that Sears Christmas catalog. I enjoy reading and examining the catalog pages filled with information about the next-generation bulls and genetics.

Because I ranch along with my father and brother, we find that our 'likes' and 'dislikes' of each bull are highly varied. During bull sale season, while the day's plans are being discussed over a hot cup of coffee, we will have a bull judging contest. The contest doesn't include a prize. It's just a fun way to help us determine what we all judge to be the best traits and which bulls will work best in our operation. Needless to say, we all judge in different ways. Although we each have differing ideas, we always seem to have plenty of top-quality bulls to choose from and, in the end, hopefully, get some of our top picks from our bull wish list.

Remember, bull producers and buyers alike, the Sandhills Cattle Association newsletter and website give you a great opportunity to advertise and reach out to many bull buyers.

Here's hoping your wish list is full and you all get your number one picks this year!

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