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From the President's Desk - January 26, 2023

I would like to think that this would be the last time saying this, but in reality, I doubt it will be: I sure hope everyone made it through the last storm okay. With our snow total climbing, I have heard some ranchers claim the hair on some of the cow’s feet are starting to rub off with how hard the snow is, and I would imagine that would be quite the sight to see.

Even though the last snowstorm hammered most of the Sandhills and beyond, the girls went ahead and held the Coyote Calling Contest that they had worked so hard on. From the sounds of it, the contest went very well, and fewer coyotes are running the hill than the week before. That was our goal for the competition. We wanted to promote the population control of these predators and hopefully hold back some of the numbers. There is a problem with how many there are, and we are just trying to get ahead of them. A giant thank you goes out to all the sponsors, donators, and contestants. We are grateful to all of you and hope to see you again next year. A special thank you goes out to Kami and Maddie for all their hard work. Without those two, there would not have been a competition.

For a lot of you, calving season is officially in full swing. With the recent storms, although we are thankful for the moisture, more snow equals more work. More snow to shovel, more feed to the cows, which takes more time, which takes more effort and money. It truly is a vicious cycle. Remember that with these storms and abundant snow cover it does take an extra toll on your cattle, especially so close to calving. If you need some feed additive, give your local feed store a call and see what they suggest to help. These salesmen and sometimes underutilized, and they are trained to deal with situations like this, use that helpful resource.

I am not sure about you, but my bones are ready for some warmer weather. This summer, we have a lot of activities and events for our members. At the beginning of May, we will have our annual golf tournament. June is packed with expos and hopefully results for the EP&C contest. July slows down but don’t expect us to! We have The Steers for Students program to fit in there somewhere, the EP&C Banquet, and let’s not forget about The Fall Feeder Calf Preview! Our calendars are here and ready to be delivered, so if you want one that has all our events and other important dates on it, let us know and we will throw one in the mail for you.

You are always welcome on our website to check out what is happening. Thank you for keeping tabs on us. Until next time!

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