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July 8, 2022 - From the President's Desk

Everyone, including myself, is probably wondering where June ran off to so fast! I hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend this year. Independence Day reminds me of the veterans who have given their lives to allow us ranchers to do what we love today. Everyone knows or has had someone in their family in a military branch or is currently serving the United States. I want to take a minute to thank all the past, present, and current members of the military. If you know of anyone that is or has been in the service, tell them thank you. They are the reason we live in freedom and are allowed to raise cattle in this great state of Nebraska. So thank you, Veterans, for your service.

June was busy for me, as I am sure everyone else. With not seeing very much rainfall, everyone is haying pretty hard to get their hay up before it dries out. The Sandhills Cattle Association has been pretty busy as well with their new Steers for Students Program! The Steers for Students calves went into Husker Meats on June 27th, and then the FFA students from Atkinson, Valentine, Thedford, and Gordon came in on June 29th to evaluate and learn about the steers that had been donated to their schools. Jim Pinney from Husker Meats had his crew cutting meat so the students could see how different cuts of meat are created. Adam Wegner from Nebraska Beef Council to give information on how the Beef Council works with meat processing houses to help market their products to the world. Nicolas Herrera from UNL explained different cuts of beef, how he grades beef and more. Katie Jagels, from the Cattlemen's Cut, was also able to attend! The Jagels family supported this program by helping us get off the ground and providing us with funds and other donors to provide meat to the schools completely free to them. I want to thank Jim and his crew at Husker Meats for taking a day out of his busy schedule to show the kids how meat gets from the pasture to their plate. As well as thank Adam from the Nebraska Beef Council, Nicolas from UNL, and the Jagels family for supporting this excellent program. Everyone at the Sandhills Cattle Association is looking forward to continuing this program and seeing where it goes in the future!

As I wrap up this month's newsletter, I'm sitting here wondering when it will rain again. My best advice to everyone is to turn your favorite radio station on and start rain dancing. Don't worry if you think you're a terrible dancer. At this point, I don't think anyone is going to be saying anything!!

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