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From the President's Desk - June 9, 2023

With our upcoming banquet, my term as the Sandhills Cattle Association President will soon be over, and I wanted to thank you all for allowing me to be your president this last year. It has been a really enjoyable experience being a part of this association over the last six years & I love the people & the area that we serve! Throughout our various events & programs, I have met many great people from the Sandhills, and Kami & Maddie have been enjoyable to work with throughout it all!

During my two terms, we have had a lot of changes within the association. Throughout COVID-19, office adjustments, new programs & more, the association continues to grow in the right direction & I hope the SCA will prosper for many years to come! Thank you to all who are members, sponsors, board members, & supporters of our great association. We couldn't do it without you!

Hopefully, everyone is continuing to get more moisture & your pastures will stay green & full for the coming months!

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