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From the President's Desk - March 24, 2023

Calving season is in full swing but there are signs of spring everywhere. I often hear birds chirping and see hints of green grass. I forget how welcoming spring really is.

On the ranch we have calves dropping left and right. At this rate, we will be done sooner rather than later. I have heard that some people have started branding their cattle. Now we are a ways from that, but not too far off.

I keep hearing talk of the market skyrocketing for cattle later in the summer and into fall. We all hope that it does get better but ultimately fear the crash. I noticed that a graft calf on Facebook can go anywhere from $400 to $600. I can remember just a couple of years ago the price was half that. I think more than anything we would like the economy to stabilize.

Now that all the scholarship applications have been received, we will soon be interviewing the potential candidates. For me, this is always an exciting time of the year. I love that we get to help our youth chase their educational dreams. With that being said, please do not forget to attend our banquet on June 15th to help raise money for the scholarship funds. The event will be held at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

As always, be safe, stay healthy, and don’t call momma cows bluff.

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