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January 14, 2022 From the President's Desk

Another year closes, and a new year begins. Welcome, 2022!

As you reflect on last year, remember the memories made and look to the new year with wonder and all the success and good things that it may hold.

I can only hope, with great expectations, that the cattle industry and its future during the coming year bring bright surprises and, in turn, results in favorable business success. I continue to remind myself that hard work and determination mixed with lots of luck will continue to bring forth enough positive outcomes to keep me excited and determined. I hope that at the end of every day, I will look back on the past years with much pride and joy at the accomplishments gained. Let us all look forward to 12 months of happiness and outstanding achievements!!! And most of all, financially sound cattle prices and sales.

I continue to see positive new things achieved within the Sandhills Cattle Association and look to the future with continued feelings of solid achievements to be made. We are wishing you and your family a very prosperous new year!

Ryan Adamson

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