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January 22, 2021 - From the President's Desk

As I sit thinking of ways to introduce myself as president of the Sandhills Cattle Association, I am reminded of all of the past presidents that have served this great Association. I feel honored to join the ranks of that group!

I'd like to thank Matt Blackford for his past presidency! I want to commend his accomplishments during a volatile time due to the pandemic and many hardships the cattle industry endured. I am grateful to have worked along with him throughout his presidency as we completed many significant accomplishments.

My roots run deep in the Association as I am a third-generation president as my father and grandfather were past presidents. I take great pride in the outstanding reputation the Sandhills Cattle Association has.

Looking forward to my presidency, I am eager to serve the members! With much enthusiasm, I am excited to begin working with the board of directors, staff, and Association members. Together, we make the Sandhills Cattle Association such a reliable promoter for the cattle and resources of the Sandhills!

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