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July 2021 - Chewing the Cud

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Planning seems to be the name of the game for me lately. I have been meeting with several different committees to ensure that this year's events will be worthwhile, fun, and unique!

August 20: EP&C Banquet - Cherry Co Fairgrounds - Valentine

  • Eat with us and learn about the contest for $20 per plate.

  • EP&C participants eat free.

Our first group of EP&C calves shipped out on June 14 to Tyson Fresh Meats in Lexington. I just received the corresponding paperwork on Tuesday, so hold tight EP&C folks; your info is coming soon! The final group is scheduled for July 12. We'll be issuing your down-payments with your information as it comes in!

The EP&C Awards Banquet is scheduled for August 20 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. If you'd like to attend, you can RSVP on the website, or you can call Liz to let her know you're planning on attending. We do have sponsorships available for the event, so if your company wants to sponsor, contact the office to see what's available.

September 7-8: Fall Feeder Calf Preview - Mullen to Stapleton

  • Day 1 - Stops from Mullen to Thedford. Stay at Thedford overnight. Supper at Sandhills Corral.

  • Day 2 - Stops from Thedford to Stapleton.

I met with Rick Marlatt [SCA Tour Committee Chairman], Frank Utter [Nebraska Cattlemen's Cow/Calf Council Chair], and John Kraye [Nebraska Cattlemen: Sandhills Affiliate President], to discuss the upcoming Fall Feeder Calf Tour. We are planning on starting at 9 am MT at the Kwik Stop in Mullen. We'll travel to our first stop from there. We will end the evening tour at the Sandhills Corral in Thedford. We'll get going in the morning and head towards Stapleton.

If you have a ranch along that route and would like potential buyers to see your calves first-hand, let me know! We'd love to add your ranch to our list of stops!

September 20: Cookoff Contest - Cherry Co Fairgrounds - Valentine

  • $50 per team. One chief cook and up to three assistants.

We are so excited to add this event to this year's lineup! Bring your smokers and help us kick off the contest right. More information about the contest can be found on our website and included in next month's publication.

September 20: 24th Annual Golf Classic - Frederick Peak Golf Course - Valentine

  • $125 per person or $375 per team.

Same great tradition, different day! Enjoy the afternoon on the course with ag-minded individuals during this fun-filled fundraiser to support the ongoing efforts of the Association. Funds raised during the tournament will be utilized to continue promoting the people and cattle raised in the Sandhills and expanding our educational programs.

This tournament is open to all interested, regardless of previous golf experience! Entry fees are priced at $125 per person, which includes 20 holes of golf and cart rental with a complimentary box of balls and tees as well as a chance to win prizes, including a $10,000 Hole in One Prize!!!

September 21: Convention & Trade Show - Cherry Co Fairgrounds - Valentine

  • Tickets are $35 for members or $45 for non-members.

  • Exhibitor booths from $125 to $275.

  • Sponsorships from $250 to $1500.

This year's convention is shaping up nicely! We just sent out vendor packets via email, and they are accessible on the website as well. The mailed packets will be heading out this week. We have tons of sponsorship opportunities available for those interested!

September 21: Bred Heifer Contest - Cherry Co Fairgrounds - Valentine

  • $50 per pen.

Bring your best first-calf heifers to town to compete for bragging rights and to call your heifers the best the Sandhills has to offer!

We are also offering bullpens to those interested in showcasing some of your prospects.

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