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June 10, 2022 - From The President's Desk

I hope this week finds everyone getting some much-needed rain and cows to pasture. It is always a good feeling to turn them out and gear up for summer. Hoping the rain continues in the months to come.

The 83rd Convention was held at the end of May, and I was honored to become the President of this great Association. I want to take a minute to thank Ryan Adamson for his service and all he did during his term. He was great to work with and did many great things for the Sandhills Cattle Association. I learned a lot working beside him on the executive board the last couple of years. I also want to take this time to thank all the sponsors, vendors, and those who came to and helped with the Convention and scholarship auction this year! We greatly appreciate all your continued support of our association.

A little about myself, I am a 4th generation rancher North of Stuart, NE. I have been involved with the Sandhills Cattle Association for six years now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this association.

Since November, the SCA has worked with Nate at Cottonwood Feeders on the EP&C calves, and the calves have had excellent gains. The calves will be going to be processed here in the next couple of weeks. There are four calves in the Steers for Students program, and they will go to be processed at Husker Meats in Ainsworth on June 26th, and our Steers for Students Program will take place on June 29th. Jim at Husker Meats is very excited to be working with the Sandhills Cattle Association on this program.

As I start to wrap up this month's article, I look forward to what this year will be like planning for the following year's Convention, planning the next EP&C contest, and the ranch tour. Plus, anything else that comes throughout the year, which everyone knows there are always things that come up unexpectedly!

I would also like to thank Liz for all of her hard work and dedication to the association these past couple of years. And we all wish her the best in her future career at the Game, Fish & Parks Department in Pierre, SD!

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