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June 11, 2021 From the President's Desk

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Branding season may be over, but the ranch work, priorities continue; with the moving of cattle to summer pastures. Before cattle travel to new pastures, the pasture must be equipped with the mending of fences, windmills turned on, and most importantly, the growth of green grass.

This season's grass growth has been slow. With scarce early rains, the pastures' grass growth seemed stunted. Luckily, later rains brought much-needed moisture to the arid hills, and more abundant grass growth has occurred. Mornings in the Sandhills are beautiful and make for a great start to moving day. Along with a beautiful sunrise, one is treated with what I call "Sandhills Music." A symphony of birds chirping, the meadowlark's morning song of whistling warbles, windmills cranking, and mother cows calling their calves are music to the ears. The Sandhills music combined with some of the most beautiful scenery, the green grass blowing in the breeze, and cattle on the move, brings about a calming thankfulness to a Ranchers soul.

Once the cattle are turned out, this might be the most opportune time for one to refresh and take a much-needed little vacation before another season of haying begins. So step back take in the "aah" moments of this season's cycle, for this ranching cycle might be the most beautiful cycle of the ranching year—a cycle that is so appreciated and one that I am genuinely thankful for.

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