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March 11th, 2022 - From the President's Desk

The month of March is here. The month of the year that I like to think of as the in-between month. The month that isn't deep winter yet isn't really proper Spring. March is that month that seems to last far longer than the other months.

Although March seems long, it is a busy month filled with a lot of activity and happenings that help to pass and march the month along. When people think of March, some folks think of college basketball season and March Madness. My mind thinks of March Madness as, yes, basketball time, but also as the March Madness of calving season. Some years the March Madness of calving is mild, and then there are the years when that madness becomes insane and just never seems to let up.

I prefer the more mild March Madness, and when the calving madness is less chaotic and easy going. All of the March activities like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, the first day of Spring, daylight savings time, and the Easter Season are all events and celebrations that occur throughout the month. Each event or holiday observed gives us a mile marker to look forward to that can help make the long month go by a bit faster.

I hope your "march" through the long month of March is full of fun March Madness activities and holidays, and your March calving madness brings forth a big win to your calving season.

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