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March 25th - From the President's Desk

A Rancher's strengths consist of a wide array of many talents. The biggest of the Rancher's talent is his ability to raise cattle successfully. Raising cattle is not a simple job that is easily done. Each day in a Ranchers career calls for many different talents that help to run and execute their business.

There are many talents a Rancher uses, like that of an Agricultural manager; they monitor and assess the quality of their livestock and the land. Ranchers use critical thinking skills to make tough decisions with sound reason and judgment. Ranchers are self-employed and, therefore, self-motivated. They do physically strenuous tasks and endure wear and tear on their body. They have mechanical skills, operate complex machinery, and have the ability to complete maintenance on their equipment and to their property.

A Rancher monitors the health of the herd. They put in extra hours assisting calving cows and attending to sick animals. Ranchers keep on track with technological improvements in animal breeding and use new products and ideas that may help increase their output.

Ranchers track weather conditions closely, keep watch for disease, and respond swiftly with treatment, medication, and vaccines to help minimize the negative impact on animal health. They plan ahead and track market conditions to help realize advantages for higher prices for their cattle.

These talents of the Rancher make the Rancher's character strong, making them some of the best people I know. The Rancher's knowledge of their profession and the ability to apply their knowledge to the everyday work challenges they face proves to show how resilient and strong a Rancher is. And also how their talents contribute to making a Ranchers life and business full of solid positive integrity.

You will be sure to recognize that the next time you meet a Rancher, you are in the company of a hard-working caring leader with strong talents that fill their lives.

In that spirit of the Rancher's talents, it is evident that the comprehensive list of a Rancher's skills is long and full of positive integrity that fills every aspect of their business and life.

A Sandhills Ranchers' way makes him a legend in the eyes of his peers and so many others. A Ranchers super talent: They just keep producing the Best Beef in the world.

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