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May 10, 2022 - From The President's Desk

As I write this month's letter, I am a bit stunned to think and realize that it will be my last monthly letter written to the Sandhills Cattle Association members as the Associations sitting President.

I have enjoyed my tenure as the Sandhills Cattle Association President and so appreciate having had the opportunity to work with the great members of the Sandhills Cattle Association. Throughout my tenure as President, I have seen so much positive energy that has enriched

and produced many exciting new changes and newly added programs within the Association. Changes that have proven to be beneficial and continue to add positive solidity to the many goals of the Association.

As I turn the reins over, I feel confident that the Sandhills Cattle Association will continue to enrich the members with good informational programs and shared knowledge that will benefit the members of the Association and promote the cattle and resources of the Sandhills.

Thanks, Sandhills Cattle Association, for the great memories and friendships, both new and old.

Best regards,

Ryan Adamson

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