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December 9, 2022 - From the President's Desk

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. For us, there was lots of food and a mouthwatering juicy steak. Some say Thanksgiving isn’t the same without a turkey, but we say Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a medium rare steak or juicy thick prime rib. Please do not forget to serve beef for your holiday feasts and support our ever-changing lifestyle as producers.

Although winter has not officially started, we know she is here to stay. Some of us can feel it in our bones when those cold crisp days settle in for good. The countryside has started to see some moisture accumulation here and there. We are always wishing for more, of course. As I write this letter, snow is falling outside, and they are predicting more for next week. With Christmas just a few short weeks away, maybe we will get a white Christmas after all. We can only hope.

Schools will be out on winter break with Christmas right around the corner. Which means you get extra help around the ranch. This is excellent quality family time, but also handy when you need to get some things done. It makes my heart happy to see our youth involved in the day-to-day activities on the ranch. These are life lessons no schoolbook can teach them. They do not realize what they are learning, but one day they will thank you.

The girls have been working hard to plan and arrange all the items for the Coyote Calling Contest in January. They have gained several sponsors, and entries are beginning to roll in. Please sign up to attend this contest. It is a great way to hunt coyotes and win a prize or two.

Bull sale season is officially upon us. I want to thank the ranches that have chosen us to advertise for their sale. We have numerous outreaches and a large following that provides a wide net and is excellent for advertising. We appreciate you trusting us.

Santa will soon be here. This is your reminder to always be nice; you never know when he is watching. I would hate for you to wake up on Christmas morning and have no presents under the tree and coal in your stockings. Merry Christmas, everyone! Please have a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy New Year.

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