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November 12, 2021 From the President's Desk

Thankfulness and tradition are two perfect topics to reflect on during the month of November and also for me to express how thankful I am to carry out the great tradition of cattle ranching in the Sandhills.

The ranch is more than land and cattle to most. It is a family heritage and future. There is a special way of life that is involved with ranching, and it's so full of tradition passed on from generation to generation. That tradition that is passed down has many integral parts. Life lessons, values, morals, pride in the great way of life we get to live, thankfulness, and family are all included in Sandhills ranchers traditions.

Cattle ranchers pass on these traditional values to future generations, consisting of a strong sense of responsibility to the land, livestock, family, and community. These standards that I learned from my early years have made me uphold my traditional values and view them more highly than material possessions or even monetary gain. Yes, I consider ranching, not just an occupation to making a living but an exceptional way of life. I am so very thankful that I have the opportunity to own and operate a cattle ranch that has been handed down through generations in the Sandhills, and that is also so full of cattle ranching tradition and family.

I came across a poem that was featured in an article from the blog site that they call "The Tradition." I wanted to share it with you all because it mirrors my thoughts on ranching tradition and thankfulness.

The Tradition

"Some folks just don't get it, they think owning cattle makes no sense.

It takes too much time, too much equipment, not to mention the expense.

But the fondest memories of my life, they might think sound funny, were made possible by Mom and Dad cause they spent the time and spent the money.

You see, the most important lessons helping values grow so strong come from loving cattle and passing the tradition on."

I hope this month of November is full of many things to be thankful for and that tradition and family play a big part in what you are grateful for this holiday season.

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