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October 14, 2022 - From the President's Desk

Last month, the Fall Feeder Calf Preview went very well. Although you needed a raincoat from time to time, we enjoyed the change in weather. We started the day off at the Anderson Ranch, where we learned how Travis prepares his steers for the Adams Feedlot near Broken Bow. After that, we toured the Wobig ranch, where Shane and Austin explained their unique F1 red baldie cows and calves. And right before lunch, we enjoyed listening to Brock explain how at the Spearhead & Circle M Ranch, they are just trying to make Carol's late husband proud. We had the pleasure of visiting the Bowring Ranch just north of Merriman for our lunch. During our feast, we listened to a helpful and informative presentation on drought effects on your cattle by Dana Ramm and her partner. After lunch, we headed to the JF Ranch, where we learned that if you throw your hat just right, it will land in South Dakota. And last, we enjoyed our time at the Primal Plains Ranch, where we learned about Fairhead’s USDA-certified natural cattle they sell to customers. Overall, it was a fantastic day full of great people and quality cattle.

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