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Radio Spot for February 25, 2021

The radio spot reads as follows:

Hey everyone this is Amber Sides with Sandhills Cattle Association and this your update on the Sandhills Cattle News!

I first just want to say that I hope many of you were able to get through the bitterly cold temps that we all endured last week. Those temps are hard on livestock especially those that are calving, but also on the men and women working hard to ensure they are taken care of through it! On the bright side, this warm, sunny weather has been wonderful, so I hope you all are enjoying it as much as we are, despite the mud!

Our next publication is March 5th, so if you’re looking to advertise let us know so we can get you a spot in the Newsletter!

We are still taking applications for Scholarships, so if your child or grandchild has not yet applied, have them do so before March 12th! Applications can be found on our website

In other news, our Annual Convention will be here before you know it, which means it’s not too late to get in on winning one of our special belt buckles! All of our belt buckles are uniquely designed by Molly’s Custom Silver and will be awarded to the member at the Convention in September.

We will be offering a Recruiter of the Year Belt buckle. This belt buckle is awarded to the person that recruits the newest members, as well as one year of membership for free. Rules are simple (1) no board members or staff are eligible to win (2) You must be a current member and in good standings with the Sandhills Cattle Association. (3) The new members need to list you or tell us that was their recruiter. (4) The office will keep tallies of new members and their recruiter. And last, the person with the newest recruits wins and be announced at the SCA Convention.

Another Belt Buckle that will be awarded is for the Producer of the Year. Beef producers are our lifeblood. For that reason, we have established an application process for our new Producer of the Year award. Nominees need to be a Producer member in good standings but cannot be board or staff member. The winner will receive their belt buckle as well as a year of membership for free. You can fill out the application to nominate yourself or you can nominate someone else. The application can be found on our website under the programs and events tab and select awards.

The last belt buckle that will be awarded is the Volunteer of the Year. The board of directors and office staff will select a member for their willingness to keep the Association up and running and volunteering their valuable time. The winner will also receive a free year of membership! So get out there and help promote the Sandhills Cattle Association and we will also try and recognize you for your efforts in doing so!

Some upcoming Bull Sales for you to attend!

Calvo Family Red Angus of Bassett, Nebraska will be offering 150 plus coming two-year-old Registered Red Angus bulls and a select group of black red-gene carriers at their ranch near Bassett, Nebraska, tomorrow February 26th starting at 1 pm ct.

Ravenscroft Red Angus of Nenzel, Nebraska will be having their annual bull sale on February 27, 2021, starting at 2:00 pm central time at the Valentine Livestock Auction in Valentine, Nebraska. They will be offering 80 yearling and two-year-old bulls.

Warner Beef Genetics- Dan & Monte Warner will be holding their Genetic Investment Bull Sale on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at their ranch near Arapahoe, Nebraska starting at 1 pm CST. They will be offering 40 age-advantaged 18-month-olds and 85 spring yearlings.

Hall Ranch - Ed & Les Hall will be holding their 40th Annual Bull Sale on Wednesday, March 3rd starting a 1 pm CST at Bassett Livestock in Bassett, Nebraska. They will be offering 70 2-year-old registered Angus bulls.

Pasture View Angus & ZWT Ranch will be holding their Performance-Tested Bull Sale on Thursday, March 4, 2021, at Valentine Livestock in Valentine, Nebraska starting at 1 pm CST. They will be offering 60 service-age bulls (18-month-old and two-year-old bulls).

That’s all for this week! This is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhill Cattle News!

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