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Radio Spot for March 11, 2021

The radio spot reads as follows:

Hey everyone, this is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association, and this is your weekly update of the Sandhills Cattle News.

Our next publication is set to be published on March 19th, and we are still accepting advertisements if you have an ad you'd like to run! If you have an ad you’d like to place send it to us by the end of the week and we will be sure to publish it.

Be sure to save the date for our Convention happening September 20th and 21st at the Valentine Fairgrounds, in Valentine Nebraska. We will kick off the Convention with our annual golf tournament, followed by supper! The next day will be packed with a trade show, speakers, an auction, as well as great food. More details to come as we get closer to Convention; it will be here before we know it! If anyone has any suggestions for speakers, please contact us! We'd love to hear what other people have for ideas.

The scholarship application deadline is tomorrow, March 12th, so if your son or daughter has not submitted their application, please have them do so immediately. We have 7 scholarships to give out for a total of $9,000 available, so don't miss the opportunity to apply!

I’m sure most of you are preparing for this storm that is supposed to hit much of western Nebraska this weekend, and our primary focus is the cattle, as well as those of you who are calving also have calves to keep warm and dry. I decided to research an article with some insight into helping prepare for a snowstorm and things that we can do to ensure healthy cattle through it and after it. The article I found was written by Sean Kelly, SDSU Extension Range Management Field Specialist.

For those of you that calve your cows in a winter range, making sure you have adequate wind protection is essential. Reducing wind speed will also reduce the maintenance energy requirement for that cow.

During snowstorms and cold snaps, producers are forced to change their feeding strategies; however, sudden changes to a cow's diet can cause digestive upsets and problems. Any adjustments made should be done gradually before and after the storm, so the cattle have time to adjust.

Supplements are also a major source that we should be sure to include during a winter storm. Providing cattle with plenty of hay and additional protein supplement is an effective strategy. After the storm, additional protein supplements may need to be provided to maintain body condition. Cattle also need access to water that is not frozen. Decreased water intake will lead to decreased hay and forage intake even if the hay and forage is readily available.

These are just some considerations for people to think about during a snow storm. All of us here at the Sandhills Cattle Association are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers through this storm!

In other news don't miss Hueftle Cattle Company Annual Bull Sale, tomorrow Friday, March 12th, south of Cozad, starting at 1:00 pm ct. They will be offering Red Angus and Red Angus/Simmental Hybrid bulls. You can attend in person, over the phone, or through DVAUCTION to purchase.

That's all for this week. This is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your weekly update of the Sandhills Cattle News.

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