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Ranch Dad's Photo Contest

First Place Winner - Paul Dubs

I took this picture of my Dad while we were doing some final "set up" work preparing for a big snowstorm coming in. You do everything can in these situations & ranchers never get enough credit for it. We had a good supervisor as you can see, too.

Second Place Winner - Shawn Rogers

Teaching his boys to be just like him.

This is Shawn Rogers, a lifelong cowboy. Shawn is on the gray horse, and the other two are his sons. The best thing he can ever give them is his time and knowledge of how to be a cowboy.

Third Place Winner - Justin Nollette

Love spending time together, especially when it involves cattle! Justin & Bexley Nollette

Check out all the great submissions!!

Rod Week

Taking yearlings to grass near Stapleton NE

Dan Leo

Grandpa is always there... even when you have to take your 4-H animal to the sale barn after the fair. A hug from Grandpa makes holding that empty halter a little better.

Matt Hebbert

Matt Hebbert and Dillon. Just another day on the ranch.

Print Zutavern

My husband passed away in February of 2020. This is a picture of him and our daughter fixing fence on our ranch in the Sandhills. Sharing his love for ranching with our kids was Print's main passion. His legacy will live on through them.

Joe Meier

Helping round up cattle for an all day branding! Trying to be just like dad!

Dwight Logterman

Happy to be adopted into a ranching family - Ryder and Grandpa Dwight love side by side rides!

Rob Logterman

Rob and Madi are branding Madi’s first heifer. Madi’s great grandma, Marjorie Letellier, bought a heifer from the Logterman Ranch a few years ago. After Marjorie’s passing, Great grandpa, Jim Letellier, gave Madi this heifer to start her own herd.

Brent Nollette

Father/Daughter bond pairing out cattle to summer grass, Brent & Brooklyn Nollette.

Tim Nollette

Three generations pairing out cattle to summer grass. Tim, Brent & Brooklyn Nollette.

Paul Kearns

Father leading son in branding pen and life.

Greg Gehl

Just a grandpa and his right hand checking heat on heifers!

Tobe Stout

Dad supervising making sure I'm putting the protein mineral in the feeder just right! He can always be found in a pearl snap shirt, cowboy hat, wranglers, and spurs! He is the definition of an American Sandhills cowboy!

Brad Wolkow

Grandpa and his grandson in their happy place checking cows and calves out to pasture

Lucas Shields

Daddy teaching his son about caring for a newborn calf

Randy Swanson

Randy (Father) and Jerod (Son) Swanson working together on family ranch to provide a place for future generations to grow & work together.

Gordon Sedivy

4 Generations on the Farm

Grandpa Brian Sedivy works on the silage packing tractor while Great Grandpa Gordon, Dad, and Ellie and Owen supervise

Jim Opela

Taking a spin with Grandpa

Jim Opela

Grandpa Jim took the grandkids to help him at the barn and they came back looking like this.

Jade Meinzer

Passing down a tradition. Here our son Quirt (3) is watching his dad brand his first calf with his own personal brand he dad bought him a few months ago. From now on a tradition will happen every year! What a great life we will!

Jade Meinzer

Our son Quirt(3) and my husband Jade moving cows. This was Quirts very first time to ride his own horse in his brand new cowboy saddle given to him for his birthday. This is why I love this lifestyle! We are blessed to be able to raise our children on the OE Ranch in Oshkosh, NE and teach them about respect for the land and the animals that God entrusts is to take care of.

Doug Miller

This is a photo of three generations at our fall branding near Johnstown! Dad, Grandpa and I! Dad is doing his favorite job- running the irons. Grandpa is doing his favorite job- just watching!

Kade Blair

One of the hardest working guys I've ever met. Not just because he's my husband and dad to my boys but because he never has a sick day, never asks for time off and he's never late. Been on this ranch since he was 6 months old. This is the only job he's ever had. Not many guys around that can say that!

Kade Blair

When you typically work seven days a week, the kids come to work with you!

Shawn Rogers

Telling her all she needs to know about horses

Shawn Rogers

Sometimes all you need is a hug

Stetson Ostrander

My husband made a quick stop for a good luck kiss from our daughter.

Shawn Rogers

Dad will teach me all he knows

Kenny Kramer

Dragging One To The Fire

Stetson Ostrander

Generations. My husband standing with our son, the sixth generation on the ranch, as well as generations of mares, and their foals,

Tyrel Licking

Daddy and one of his best girls.

Tyrel and his daughter Cassia riding home after checking heifers.

Tom Vonheeder

Filling vaccine gun at branding

Justin Nelson

Start'em young

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