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SCA Radio Spot on 5/13/21

5/13/21 SCA Radio Spot

Hey everyone, this is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhills Cattle News.

The next newsletter will be published this Friday, so be checking your mailboxes late next week for this month’s edition of the Sandhills Cattle News!

Last week I mentioned 3 of the 5 scholarship winners! This week I want to give the spotlight to the remaining 2 winners!

Jon Keller received one of the $1,000 scholarships awarded by the Sandhills Cattle Association. Last year, Jon received the same scholarship! Jon is the oldest son of Shane & Karen Keller and graduated from Valentine High School in 2020. He will continue his Agricultural Business major at South Dakota State University this fall.

Elle Ravenscroft received the other $1,000 Sandhills Cattle Association scholarship. Elle is the daughter of Eric & Shannon Ravenscroft of Nenzel, Nebraska, and is currently a senior at Cody-Kilgore Unified School. She will be majoring in Physical Education and Health at Chadron State College this fall. Elle also received the Kenneth “Buzz” Kime Memorial Scholarship, as well as the Howard Wright Memorial Scholarship.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit, and we certainly are no different. We want to thank the Scholarship Committee for devoting countless hours to their tedious assignment of sifting through twenty-one scholarship applications. This year’s scholarship committee included Committee Chairman - Bradley Cardinal of Valentine, Jenn Marlatt of Wood Lake, Sam Hunt of Milburn, Valerie Matulka of Valentine, and Ryan Adamson of Nenzel. We’d also like to thank the Wright & Kime families for their generous donations towards their memorial scholarships. Without their devotion to the scholarship program, we would not be able to ensure the future of agriculture.

Once again, a big congratulations to all of this year’s scholarship winners and good luck on your next chapter of life! We know you all will do wonderful things for the AG industry.

In other news, don’t forget to participate in this month’s Ranch Mom’s Photo Contest in honor of National Beef Month and Mother’s Day. Submit a photo of that ranch momma before May 28th! Find the link to submit on our website or our Facebook page. Winners will be selected on National Beef Day – May 28th! We will pick 3 winners who will each receive a beef box valued at $150 shipped straight to their door, sponsored by our friends down at Husker Meats of Ainsworth, 402 Meat Company of Bristow and Valentine Locker or Valentine, Nebraska! So don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the contest!

Speaking of Husker Meats of Ainsworth, Nebraska. He has some great specials happening through the end of May for National Beef Month. This month he is offering the Cowboy Brisket! Great for brandings, family picnics or makes one great sandwich! So stop down and support Husker Meats as well as buy one of those Cowboy Briskets in honor of National Beef Month.

For those kids aspiring to be ranchers, the Nebraska Section, Society for Range Management is putting on a youth camp this summer! The Nebraska Youth Range Camp consists of a dynamic curriculum that appeals to students with a wide array of interests including, but not limited to, rangeland management, conservation, ecology, animal science, and wildlife. With nearly 50 years to perfect and evolve this curriculum, every student, no matter what prior experience they have, will learn substantial information that will help them become more aware of Nebraska’s most prevalent land use. Rangelands cover nearly 50% of Nebraska and approximately 60% of the United States. These numbers convey the dominance of this land use, but recently there has been several political issues regarding the management of these rangelands which further emphasizes the reason it is imperative for us to educate the youth so we may enable them to become proficient and effective leaders in resource management as well as educated voters.

The students that attend this camp will be actively involved with lectures, field activities, hand-on experience, and recreational leadership and team-building activities that are all led by up to 20 of Nebraska’s most respected and dedicated leaders, teachers, and professionals from various agencies, colleges, and universities. Each student will be sent home with a binder that is filled with educational materials. Must be 14-18 years old. Great opportunity to learn about range management which also promotes good animal husbandry!

That’s all for this week! Until next time, this is Amber Sides with the Sandhills Cattle Association with your update of the Sandhills Cattle News!

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