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Sandhills Cattle Radio - April 30, 2020

This is Liz Kierl with the Sandhills Cattle Association and this is your weekly Sandhills Cattle News.

Hopefully, you can hang onto your hats today! It’s a bit breezy out there!

We have started to compile the Annual Directory. This year, it will be a full color, glossy booklet instead of the traditional tall, skinny directory of the past – that I was informed, “Never really fits on the bookshelf right!”

Don’t forget to get your cattle listed in the Directory! Members should have also received a form in the Sandhills Cattle News list their cattle as well as all your ranch information. We list anything from Spring Calves to Bred Cows to Production Sales, so don’t wait to send in those forms. All forms are due to the office by May 29th. Distribution of the Directory is planned from Mid-June.

This serves as a great reminder, if you have not renewed your membership with us – you will not be included in the Directory! Don’t miss out on getting your name and ranch information distributed to those who may be looking for what you have available!

We are selling ad space at super low rates, so this is a great opportunity for you to advertise your small business or ranch! Full page ads are just $50 per spot with half page ads at $25 per spot!

May marks the first month that the Sandhills Cattle News will be published with some COLOR since the 1970s! We are converting the front and back covers to color which provides an awesome opportunity for folks to submit their photos and artwork for the front cover. So, if you are a local photographer or artist – send in your photos. Heck, if your just some guy with a camera on his phone that thinks he took the most awesome photo ever – send it in! And businesses, don’t forget we also have colored ad space available on the front inside, the back inside and the back covers for those interested in advertising with us.

Don’t forget to mark those calendars for the 2020 Annual Convention which was moved from May 21st to September 22nd in Thedford, Nebraska! We are accepting sponsorship and vendor registrations as we speak, so don’t wait to reserve your booth!

If you haven’t done so already, you need to head on over to the Sandhills Cattle Association’s website at and register for your account to view the Current List of Pasture Available, Cattle for Sale and job listings! Members can even post their own ads on the website without calling in to the office! If you’re not sure how to sign up – I have a blog post on the website to walk you through the process! If you still struggle – no problem, just give me a call!

With today’s market, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve had some folks reach out to us to find a beef to process. Now is the prime time to list any beef you have available!

Also, if you don’t do so already – follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for timely industry news as well as current listings from members!

Until next time, this is Elysabeth Kierl and this has been your Sandhills Cattle News!

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