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Chewing the Cud - April 14, 2023

April has panned out to be a busy month so far. Between finishing up bull sales and planning spring and summer events, Maddie and I have our hands full. And how could we not forget about all the grief mother nature throws our way. If it's not snowing, then the wind is trying to blow you to the next county, and when neither of those two things is happening, it's colder than a well-diggers back side.

Earlier this month, our scholarship committee interviewed potential candidates for the 2023 Sandhills Cattle Association Scholarships. With this program, five scholarships are awarded. We want to thank everyone who applied this year and congratulate our winners: Tucker Stagemeyer from Page, Brooklyn Buell from Bassett, Jake Connell from Hyannis, Megan Amos from Stapleton, and Elizabeth Wilkins from Ainsworth. All of the applicants were very impressive, and picking the recipients was no easy task, but we appreciate all the support. Remember, our scholarship auction will be on June 15th at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. Please consider attending this event if you would like to support this program.

Our Steers For Students Tour is right around the corner, and we could not be more excited. We had just over 100 students RSVP for this event, which means the packing house will be packed to the brim. We invited Nicolas Herrera, a grad student from UNL, to come back and help Jim explain the process and cuts of meat to the kids. The students will start the day off by getting a rundown of the process of harvesting the animals, then be educated on the equipment and proper handling of the meat. After that, they will go through the quality and yield grades and a description of the beef primals. Finally, the students will be quizzed on what was taught throwout the day, then feast on some delicious beef ribs prepared by Jim. Sounds like the perfect day, hu? Get to learn about meat and eat it too! Keep in mind if you want to help this program, we are accepting donations to keep it running. Give us a call at the office; we would love to chat!

We hope all is well and that calving season went well. Pray for rain and remember, the two professions that don't get fired for being wrong are a weather person and a John Deere Partsman!

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