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Chewing the Cud - July 14, 2023

Hello everyone!! Did you miss me?? If you didn’t, you should have! I am back and feeling more blessed than I ever have! For those of you who do not know, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl at the end of April. She is absolutely perfect, but I am told I am biased! AJ and I love being parents and getting used to our new normal. We are both well and thankful for all the kind wishes.

While I was gone, Maddie held down the fort and did such an amazing job! Thank you, Maddie! She is such a trooper! While I was out, she sure was busy! During the whole month of May and early June, she was planning and putting together our annual convention and banquet. With the help of the board, they had such a wonderful event. We welcomed two new board members, Mckenzie Beals and Brad Kaup. On top of that, we had our annual member meeting, which went over well! The association raised money for our scholarship program as well as the association itself. And what a great turnout they had! We appreciate everyone who attended and bid on items. Without you, we would not be here today!

Not only did we have convention, but we also just had our Steers For Students Tour. We had a great turnout and want to thank the ranchers again for their generous donation. On top of that, we were just informed that the EP&C steers will be going to butcher soon, and we look forward to getting that data back.

The next event we are working on is our EP&C Banuqet. Please keep your eyes peeled for that! We hope everyone had a happy 4th! Make sure you get that hay knocked down, and enjoy your summer!

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