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Chewing the Cud - June 9, 2023

For 84 years, the Sandhills Cattle Association has held its annual membership meeting that developed into a trade show, convention, marketing opportunity, social event for ranchers, & more! This year we will have our 84th Annual Convention Banquet at the Cherry County Fairgrounds in Valentine, NE!

Things will be slightly different this year as we are leaning more toward a banquet-style evening rather than a large production. We will still have our annual membership meeting, educational speakers, scholarship awards, and scholarship auction! But we will add a fundraiser for the Sandhills Cattle Association itself by auctioning off a .22 Henry Long Rifle & Hastings Stock Tank!

Please join us for a nice steak dinner, enjoy fellow ranchers' company, and support the future of the Sandhills & the Sandhills Cattle Association!

Cocktail Hour by Corner Pub - 4:00 pm CT

Annual Membership Meeting & President Transition - 4:30 pm

Silent Auction Starts - 4:30 pm

Steak Dinner - 5:00 pm

5:15 pm - Nicolas Herrera, UNL Graduate Student - Steers for Students Program

6:00 pm - Elliot Dennis, UNL Assistant Professor, Livestock Marketing

6:45 pm - SCA Scholarship Recipient - Spencer DeNaeyer

Scholarship Awards - 7:00 pm

Live Auctions - 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Enjoy the rest of the evening together!

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