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Chewing The Cud - March 24, 2023

I am happy to announce that Spring is officially here. At least, that’s what the calendar told me. But to be honest, I would rather listen to what mother nature tells me. So far, she is telling me Spring is close and not too far off. I have some robins that come and sit on my front deck; there are small amounts of green sprouts peeking through the dead brown grass; I can vaguely make out the new growth on the tips of the trees; the horses are beginning to shed their winter coat, and my personal favorite: I am starting to see fresh sprouts from my Irises—all telltale signs of Spring. But we know that winter will have a few more words to say before she is done. They say the weather in March does one of two things. It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb or does the opposite. Unfortunately, in my option, it came in like a lamb, so I expected it to go out like a lion. As long as it brings moisture, I don’t mind.

As summer nears, the Sandhills Cattle Association has a few events on our radar. First, on April 17th, will be our Steers For Students demonstration at Husker Meats in Atkinson. The schools attending this year will be Atkinson, Valentine, Bassett, Thedford, Stapleton, and Dunning. We are excited to have Nicholas back from UNL to help us teach the students about the butchering process. Thank you to Jim, Nicholas, and all the volunteers who help put this event on. If you would like to contribute to this event, please call us at the office; we would love to have you sponsor this event!

After the Steers For Students demonstration, our 84th Annual Convention & Banquet is on June 15th at the Cherry County Fair Grounds in Valentine. This event will look different than it has in the past. We will be having a cocktail hours along with a steak dinner and a few speakers for this event. Our main goal is to provide a relaxing night our members and sponsors can enjoy and learn something from the speakers. We will not do not have vendors this year but would still love for you to sponsor this event! Shoot us an email, and we will let you know what the sponsorship levels are!

At the end of June, we will have the Steers For Students Tour. This is very similar to the event in April, but we want to open it up to all producers and area schools and allow them to watch and learn about the butchering process. We have yet to set a date for that event because the steers are still being fed out, but we will let everyone know as soon as we get it set.

The last event to round out the summer will be the Annual Golf Tournament in Wisner. We are partnering with The Cumming County Feeders for this event and hope to have a great time connecting with the feeders of the east! Once we know more about this event, we will let our members know!

Thank you for dropping on and catching up on what’s happening with the Sandhills Cattle Association. We hope all is well! And don’t forget to pray for rain and warm weather!


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