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January 8, 2021 - Chewing the Cud

Woofta! The last two months have been an absolute whirlwind here at the Sandhills Cattle Association! We got moved to the new location on Highway 20 last week. Thanks to the Blackford Family for coming in on Thursday and helping with the heavy lifting. We finally got the phones up and going on Monday, so if we missed your call during the transition, we genuinely apologize! The same great phone number you've all grown to love (402) 376-2310. Try giving us a call; we're ready for you now!

Please update your address books to reflect our new mailing address:

904 E Highway 20, Suite 1, Valentine, NE 69201.

Amber Sides joined the team on December 21st, right in time for the chaos of moving. She has been a welcome addition as she a quick learner with a pleasant personality. If you give us a call, she'll probably be the first one you get to talk to, so take a minute and welcome her! We will be sure to have an article with a little about her in the next publication.

I need to pay some much-needed respect to some of the rockstars of the 2020 Convention! First off, Terri Licking did a tremendous job hitting the pavement in Thedford and surrounding areas to gather grants and donations for the scholarship auction, then spent several days helping set up, run, and tear down after the convention. She organized the photographers and even snapped a few fantastic photos herself during a couple of the events. And then she also operated the ticket booth, created centerpieces, and set up the table displays! She was a one-man-band for most of the convention, and I sincerely thank her for all her hard work! I think we can all agree that she did a fantastic job!

Our photographers were the unsung heroes. They quietly slipped through the crowds to grab some truly unique photos during the convention. Terri Licking, Bridget Licking & Linda Teahon captured those small moments that mean the most. Their photos can be viewed on our Google Photos account at the following links, along with previous convention and tour photos.

  • Convention Photos -

  • Ranch Tour -

  • EPC Contest -

Craig O'Kief really took the bull by the horns when organizing the golf tournament and gathering donations for the scholarship auction! He spent countless hours running around Valentine and even over to Ainsworth collecting the auction items. Then he put together a great tournament at the Thedford Golf Course. I can safely say that the convention would not have been the same without his dedication!

Joy Miles, Carol Moreland, Jan Drinkwalter, Richard Jameson, Lemoyne Dailey, and Bud Reece also took time out of their busy schedules to ensure the 2020 Convention went off without a hitch. They worked their magic through various means, whether it was cleaning up, helping out, bringing in much-needed equipment, or just lending a hand when the work needed to be done. I wanted to make sure they got the recognition they deserved as well!

I'm sure there are plenty of people that I missed - and for that I am sorry! It takes a terrific crew of spectacular volunteers to ensure the success of the convention. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate every one of you for your hard work and continued dedication to the Association!

If you haven't done so already, be sure to get those memberships renewed! Don't forget that we have a fun, new contest this year. Not only do you get $25 off your next membership for each new member you get to sign up, but you'll also get recognized at the 2021 Convention as the "Recruiter of the Year" and get a shiny new belt buckle to brag to your friends about!

We have a regular board meeting on the 14th at the Peppermill in Valentine, Nebraska, starting at 7 pm. I'm not sure we are the most fun bunch for folks to watch work, but if you wanted to come to listen in to a meeting, you are always welcome.

Editor's Note for the December 2020 Issue: On page 16, some of the copies were missing a header with the article name and author. The article's title was "Protein Requirements for Pregnant Cows," written by Heather Smith Thomas, a freelance writer. I'm not sure what happened there, but I apologize to both the readers and the author for the missing piece!

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