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July 8, 2022 - Chewing the Cud

Hopefully, everyone has been lucky and catching some of these rain showers we have been having lately! We have caught some here around Valentine, and it has been helping the grass and land some, but it isn't quite enough to catch up just yet.

The Sandhills Cattle Association has had a few things going on the last couple of weeks with our first ever Steers for Students program and getting our final weights on our EP&C Calves. I have an article about our Steers for Students on the next page, and we will be working on getting the EP&C data out to all of the calf owners very soon! Our EP&C Banquet will take place on August 19th, 2022, at the Cast Iron Bar & Grille in Stuart, NE. We will send out RSVP information closer to August and hope to see our members there!

In other news, we are still looking for an Executive Director! This is a vital position in the Association, so we want to ensure we hire the right candidate! The Executive Director position is a full-time, fast-paced job with multiple ongoing projects and deadlines that's primary goal is to promote the cattle and resources of the Sandhills. The Executive Director is responsible for: managing the day-to-day operations and special projects of the Association, serving as the Secretary of the Sandhills Cattle Association and maintaining minutes of Board of Directors and committee meetings, practicing fiscal responsibility, implementing directives of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, acting as a spokesperson for the Association, serving as the Association's registered agent, and communicating with members, clients, donors and the public about Association business and/or activities.

Please apply on our website at

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