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October 2021 Chewing the Cud

My second work anniversary flew by in September. To say that the past two years flew by is an understatement. Looking back, I can honestly say that taking on the manager of the Association has been a LARGE undertaking, but not one I regret. I want you all to know that I am working hard to make the Association everything you would like it to be. I thank each of you for your kindness as I stumbled through the learning process along the way! You all have made the past two years a blast, and I look forward to continuing the ride. And remember, my door is always open to a friendly debate on when I can officially call myself a 'Sandhiller!'

Jeeeeeessssshhhh! We have done A TON since the last newsletter!

Ms. Maddie Lamb, the new outreach coordinator, has taken over for Amber Sides and has caught on very quickly. She's been a total trooper learning the ropes the hard-knock way. If you call the office, she will be the voice on the phone. She also is taking over the newsletter, so she will be your advertisement contact. I feel Maddie will be an exceptional fit with her ag background and love for art and creativity. If you get the chance - stop in and meet her! I guarantee you'll be impressed.

We went on the Fall Feeder Calf Preview on September 7 & 8 in the Mullen to Stapleton areas. I want to thank John Kraye, Frank Utter, Rick Marlatt & Brock Moreland for their tireless work to ensure that the tour was a great success. The stops were beautiful, the calves were phenomenal, and we even got to celebrate Delores Wright's birthday with her! I'm not going to elaborate much here as I have more on page 31, but I wanted to say that I met so many great ranchers and made a ton of new friends that I hope I will continue to support our events.

We managed to survive our 82nd Annual Convention & Trade Show. We had a great group of vendors and exceptional speakers! If you weren't there - you missed out! Again, the whole event broke down later in the newsletter, so I will not spend a ton of time talking about it here. However, I want to thank each of you that sponsored, were a vendor, volunteered, donated, or bought a scholarship auction item at the convention. Each little bit of support we get from our community and members is a massive deal to us, and we want you to know, we TRULY APPRECIATE YOU! Without your support, we are nothing.

The EP&C Contest is getting ready to kick off again. This will be our 40th year! Hats off to all of you who have donated and worked tirelessly throughout the years to keep this event going!

I have included the 2020-21 EP&C Results Summary in this newsletter on pages 24 & 25. A full contest summary has been posted on the website under the EP&C tab. If you'd like a complete summary in print, please get in touch with the office.

We have a really exciting new program this year called 'Steers for Students.' After you read the article on page 15, you can send a cash donation to keep the donated beef free for the participating schools if you feel inclined to donate.

EP&C calves will be going to Cottonwood Feeders again this year on November 10, 2021. I have included a registration form for those of you who want to give the contest a try. It's a great program where you can learn more about retained ownership and feeding calves in a feedlot.

Check out the website for more info on all of our programs. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call!

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